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May 31, 1999

Local News

Trans-Lake Washington study committee seeks citizen input

   The last of four public workshops will be held on Thursday, June 3, at the Lake City Elks Club, 14540 Bothell Way NE, to ask the public what they think should be done to improve mobility across and around Lake Washington.

   New bridges, more general purpose or high-occupancy vehicle lanes, light rail across the lake, more buses, ferries, demand management through pricing strategies: What combination of these and other elements will the public support? What range of costs are acceptable or unacceptable?

   The results of the workshops will be used to help the Trans-Lake Washington Study Committee narrow down all the alternatives being studied to a smaller set of reasonable and feasible alternatives, which will be recommended for more detailed environmental review.

   Other efforts to involve the public include: a telephone survey of 1,600 people to gauge public opinion on Trans-Lake solutions; focus groups; and an origin and destination survey of 16,000 travelers throughout the Trans-Lake study area, which was conducted in early May.

   For more information, citizens may be added to the Trans-Lake mailing list by calling the study hotline at 1-800-794-5998; or they may visit the Trans-Lake website at:

   Comments may be mailed via the website, or mailed to: The Trans-Lake Washington Study; 1932 First Avenue, Suite 510; Seattle, WA 98101-1041.

   Six potential solution sets (in addition to "no action"), each encompassing a varied set of roadway, occupancy vehicle, transit and demand management projects, have been developed to a sufficient level of detail that their effectiveness, costs, and potential impacts can be evaluated.

   Individuals requiring reasonable accommodations may contact Dale Morimoto, Environmental Program Manager, at 206-440-4548, or call collect at 360-664-9009. TTY users can call 1-800-486-8392.