Northwest NEWS

May 31, 1999


East Ridge celebrates learning

student artwork

Art created by East Ridge students was a popular stop at the recent Learning Celebration.

beanie animals

This map of Africa included animals that lived in various countries.

by Deborah Stone

   East Ridge Elementary recently held a schoolwide Learning Celebration. Each grade level was represented with displays of student work encompassing all subject areas.

   The goal of the Learning Celebration was to share the variety of ways standards are taught across the curriculum. Parents and children looked at the many examples of work produced during the school year, noting the standard(s) each activity met.

   In the past, East Ridge has held an annual Writing Celebration, but this year, the decision was made to expand the event to include science, math, social studies, music, dance, and physical education, as well as language arts.

   First grade teacher Susie Valenta said, "We wanted to branch out and do a composite of everything and show how it tied in to the standards. The standards themselves can sometimes be a bit wordy, and sometimes parents find it hard to understand exactly what the goal is for each one, but then when you show the actual project done to match that standard, it all becomes very clear."