Northwest NEWS

May 31, 1999


Northshore teachers receive Excellence in Education Awards

   Kathy Coyne, a math resource teacher at Lockwood Elementary, and Katherine McNeil, a special education instructional assistant at Woodinville High School, have been given the Washington Award for Excellence in Education.

   The award, given in honor of the first teacher astronaut, Crista McAuliffe, was enacted by the Legislature in 1986. It recognizes administrators, teachers, and instructional assistants for outstanding leadership, contribution, and commitment to education.

   The awards ceremony for honorees was held at state capitol on May 27. Governor Gary Locke, Dr. Terry Bergeson, Neal Supplee, Rosemary McAuliffe, and Gigi Talcott are scheduled to speak.

   Kathy Coyne was nominated for this award by teaching colleagues and parents at Lockwood Elementary. While currently a sixth grade teacher at Lockwood, she has taught in Northshore for 17 years and has been on staff at C.O. Sorenson, Woodmoor, Hollywood Hill, and Lockwood. Coyne is involved in a math-partnering project with the University of Washington and is currently in Atlanta, Georgia, presenting Northshore's math program to a national audience. She received her doctorate from Seattle Pacific University last December.

   Katherine McNeil was nominated for this award by Dr. Gail-Marie Vielle, immediate past-president of the Four Winds Group & Youth, an organization dedicated to maintaining and cultivating the cultural and spiritual ties of the Native American community. As an active member of this group, McNeil has focused on being a visible role model for youth. She encourages students to remain in school and complete their education and provides guidance for those who wish to go to college but need help with just where to start.

   Members of Four Winds Group & Youth are expected to be positive role models for our youth. They attend powwows, dress in native regalia, do not drink or use drugs, and display reverence for the eagle feathers they wear. They encourage their youth to do the same.

   McNeil is an instructional assistant at Woodinville High School. She works with special education students. She is currently finishing both her Master of Education degree with a focus on Multicultural Education, and her special education endorsement.