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May 31, 1999

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Cottage Lake dedicated in ceremonies last Friday


King County Council Chair Louise Miller congratulates King County Executive Ron Sims on his winning score in a game of "Pig" against City of Woodinville Mayor Don Brocha.

WHS basketball

Woodinville High School basketball team members had an opportunity to shoot hoops with County Executive Ron Sims and Mayor Don Brocha at the park dedication. Left to right: Justin Hart, Jared Smith, Josh Grenner, Chris Ross, Sims, Adam Shaw, Steve Cavoretto, Jerren Clark, and Brocha. "It's hard finding good competition these days," said senior forward Chris Ross.


Many youngsters like this one found the new playground equipment to their liking.
Staff photos by Lisa Allen.

   It was a perfect day to be at the park as King County Parks Director Craig Larsen introduced King County Executive Ron Sims, King Council Chair Louise Miller, and City of Woodinville Mayor Don Brocha in ceremonies held last Friday celebrating the dedication of Cottage Lake Park.

   Sims gave credit to Miller for "singlehandedly spearheading the county purchasing the property and developing it into a park." Miller said, "It is fabulous to see this opportunity for families."

   "This park will serve the citizens. I hope they will be good stewards and take care of this great park," said Brocha.

   "This was a very challenging project," said Larsen, who thanked others present who played key roles in the project, including King County Parks Project Manager Kevin Brown; King County Department of Construction and Facilities Manager Mike Lazano; Mark Epstein from David Evans & Associates design team; Marty Burgess from Grade, Inc., the contracting firm; and Hank Bradberry, Manager of King County Parks Maintenance.

   Nancy Stafford of the Upper Bear Creek Community Council presented a brass plaque to Miller for her work. A basketball game followed between Sims and Brocha with the winner "owning" the other's jurisdiction. Sims won and in theory won Woodinville's Wilmot Park.

   "It's obvious that I spend all of my time on city business, not on the court," said Brocha.

   "In my job, I have learned to always be on target," said Sims.

   The Woodinville High School basketball team was on hand to shoot hoops with the politicians.