Northwest NEWS

June 7, 1999


Parade needs to set standards

   I looked forward to the Duvall Days parade and invited close friends from Bellevue to join in the festivities. I knew their young children would enjoy the event. We were having a pleasant time, admiring the floats when a flag on one float caused my heart to sink.

   I was simultaneously embarrassed and insulted by the words upon the flag, "The South will rise again," spread across a Confederate flag. I tried to justify the connection between this flag and the float it was perched upon, but could not find a justifiction. The float was fashioned after an old jalopy and decorated with fishing gear; the sign read "Gone Fishin'."

   The Confederate flag has long been a controversy in the South, and I have stayed away from judgement, not wanting to fall into the confinement of political correctness. But to see this flag, flying high in the middle of the parade that highlights the culture of Duvall, was sickening. I do want to emphasize the strong qualities that come with "country living," but I draw the line on racism.

   This flag has no place in Duvall. The City of Duvall must uphold parade standards that reflect the values of the city. If this flag reflects the values of Duvall, then I am in the wrong place. This is not a lesson I want my children, or any children, to learn.

Mary E. Babcock, Duvall