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June 7, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Woodinville is the greatest!

WoodinvilleSince I came on board as Woodinville's volunteer coordinator 3 months ago, over 150 people have put in an average of 6 hours per person for a total of about one thousand hours of volunteer efforts.

Does that star spangled banner yet wave...?

everlasting sacrificeAs a young mother in the late 1980s, I attended a leadership training weekend at a Boy Scout camp in northern California. It was there that I tried to prepare myself to help young boys learn skills to last a lifetime.

Family is grateful

Melissa JarvingThe family of Melissa Jarving would like to give our deep gratitude for all those who worked so diligently and for all those who participated in the fundraiser held on the evening of May 26.

Long-term planning needed for siting of cell towers

cell towersIt would seem to me that the county needs to develop long-term planning for the siting of cellular towers. This is best done through a collaborative effort involving all parties.

Perhaps it's the district officials who need educating

Riverview School DistrictIn reference to the latest levy failure in the Riverview School District, Laura Ritter, school board president, is quoted as saying, "Maybe it is a matter of educating the public."

Parade needs to set standards

Duvall DaysI looked forward to the Duvall Days parade and invited close friends from Bellevue to join in the festivities. We were having a pleasant time, admiring the floats when a flag on one float caused my heart to sink.

The Makahs are walking their talk; can we?

MakahsWe have a choice--walk our talk, or live with the fact that we are bigoted hypocrites. The Makahs appear to be walking their talk. Do we have the guts to do it ourselves?

Thanks to volunteers who helped with golf tournament

golf tournamentEvents which unite and uplift us help refocus our commitment to guiding our children in a positive direction. Such was the spirit demonstrated at the recent Riverview Educational Foundation fundraiser golf tournament.

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