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June 7, 1999

Home & Garden

Kenmore extends 'Smarter Way to Mow' program

   The City of Kenmore is extending discounts on the purchase of zero emission mulching mowers to city residents as a way of reducing the environmental impacts of lawn care. Zero emission mulching mowers are corded electric, battery-powered electric and push mowers.

   There are a number of benefits to these mowers: fewer grass clippings, no air pollution, and less noise pollution. The program is designed to replace gas lawn mowers, which hurt air quality and create noise pollution, with electric or push mowers.

   Mulching or grasscycling is a simple way to reduce the amount of grass clippings. Grasscycling is good for your lawn and it eliminates bagging the material and central composting.

   Kenmore City residents should dispose of their existing gas mower. Arrow Metals at 6014 238th Ave. SE, in Woodinville has agreed to take the mowers without the customary dump fee. Then simply stop by City Hall to pick up a coupon good for $100 off a zero emission mower from McLendon's Hardware, also in Woodinville.