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June 7, 1999

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Golden retriever needs 'guide person'

Magoo the puppy

Magoo needs a guardian angel and a "guide person."

   Magoo, a golden retriever puppy with juvenile eye cataracts, needs a good home and surgery immediately.

   "He is blind in his right eye, but has some vision in his left," said Becky Bishop, a Woodinville dog trainer and the rescuer of the dog.

   The dog may need a "guide person" the rest of his life and may not be allowed to run free because he could get hurt.

   "I took Magoo to a canine opthamologist in Olympia. I thought he might be a candidate for corrective eye surgery when he was a little older, but unfortunately, time is not on his side. The eye surgeon said that Magoo's best chance for sight is to have the surgery within one month. And the surgery isn't cheap: the estimated cost is around two thousand dollars. Magoo needs not only a 'guide person,' but also a guardian angel to come into his life.

   "Dogs like Magoo serve our community in so many ways. Without question, they serve us well with unconditional love and without hesitation. I just hope there is someone out there reading this who will not hesitate to take Magoo further than I am able to," said Bishop.

   The Invisible Fence Company of the Northwest is donating invisible fencing to the family that adopts Magoo. Dr. Allen Matson of Hollywood Hill Animal Clinic is donating a "Puppy Package" that includes medical well-check visits and all required puppy innoculations. Puppy Manners is donating Magoo's obedience training.

   If you can be Magoo's special person, call Becky Bishop at 425-788-4609, or e-mail her at