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June 7, 1999

Local News

Police Beat

   May 18: At 4:25-4:35 p.m., a 34-year-old Everett man contacted his former girlfriend, a Redmond resident, and the mother of his child, at her Woodinville workplace. He began complaining that her sister had caused their breakup, and threatened to kill her when he saw her. He told the ex-girlfriend he had recently bought a .357-magnum handgun. When the sister, who works in the same building, came up to them, the man accelerated his car and stopped just before hitting her. She left the scene and asked a co-worker to give the ex-girlfriend a ride home, which the two sisters share. The co-worker drove up to the ex-couple and the ex-girlfriend got in the back seat of the car. Another woman was in the front passenger seat.

   When they started to drive away, the man blocked their way with his car, then pulled alongside them and shot a bullet through the rear tire on the driver's side, just below where his former girlfriend sat. The man drove off, and the women drove to the door of their workplace, ran in, and called 911. When officers arrived, the ex-girlfriend said she was afraid the man would go to her home and kill her pets. Other officers were dispatched to her home, where they intercepted the man approaching the home. His blood-alcohol level was measured on the scene at 1.49 and 1.52. He was taken to King County jail and charged with first-degree assault.

   May 27: A Woodinville officer arrested a 22-year-old University of Washington student for child rape of his 12-year-old sister at the Woodinville home they share with their parents. The girl's teacher had noticed a "drastic change" in her disposition, especially since March. She took the girl aside at school and asked her if anything was bothering her. She told the teacher there was some "ugly touching going on," but that she was afraid of police involvement. The teacher convinced the girl she wanted to help her, but might have to tell the police, depending on what the girl told her. Further questioning in the presence of a counselor and school principal revealed that the girl's brother had initiated sexual contact with her in Oct. of 1998. She said he first raped her on Jan. 1, 1999, when they were home alone together. A second rape took place when the brother woke her in the middle of the night in March, while their parents slept. The brother was arrested and booked into King County Jail. He was later released when his family posted $20,000 bail.