Northwest NEWS

June 14, 1999


WHS students apologize to the Woodinville community

   We are sorry that the cow sculptures on the Woodinville-Redmond Rd. were vandalized. We realize this is a negative reflection on the students at Woodinville High School. It's too bad that a few students made a bad decision that reflects poorly on all of us.

   We are working with the WHS administration to determine who is responsible for the vandalism--whether or not it was even WHS students. In the meantime, we still want you to know how sorry we that are this happened.

   We are currently trying to talk to the appropriate people to work out an agreeable way to rectify the situation. Many of us in the senior class are willing to do the work required to clean up and restore the sculpture.

   We are grateful for all the support we receive from the Woodinville community and hope this will help restore your confidence in us.

Will Hallifax, Ian Toms, and the class of 1999