Northwest NEWS

June 14, 1999


Letters to the Editor

To the class of 2000 at WHS

vandalismShame on those of you who felt it was your privilege to desecrate the artwork of someone who has so generously shared it with our area.

WHS students apologize to the Woodinville community

vandalismWe are sorry that the cow sculptures on the Woodinville-Redmond Rd. were vandalized. We realize this is a negative reflection on the students at Woodinville High School.

Residents deserve to breathe clean air

clean airI am a resident of Holly Hills in Bothell. We have lived with the smell of sewage in the area for twelve years. We have contacted the city many times and have been given the run-around each time.

It's better to have a friend mad at you than to have a friend who is dead

youth suicideIn both the United States and Washington state, youth suicide is a major problem. Every year, 14 teens per 100,000 commit suicide.

Concert was a great gift for Dr. Jack Ernst

Dr. Jack ErnstI had the privilege to attend the all-district band concert on June 8. I was very proud of each student who performed, and I applaud every single one of you.

Every worker has the right to work on public projects

public projectsI seriously thought the days of paying "protection money" were relinquished to the history books. Now I see those days are back.

New rules needed about pets in watershed

pets in watershedMy wife and I recently drove to the trail head at the Redmond Watershed to take our old dog for a stroll on the new trail system. We were shocked to learn that the city has prohibited pets from the trails.

More ESL teachers, classes needed

English as a Second LanguageMore adult English as a Second Language (ESL) classes must be established. Immigrants who come into this country need to learn how to communicate in English. Without English, they are in complete isolation.

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