Northwest NEWS

June 14, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   June 8: Wendy Lavalle of Lavalle Printing reported a forged check that had been printed by someone to look like one of her business' company checks. She discovered the check while reviewing her monthly statement containing endorsed checks, because it was the wrong color.

   The unknown suspect(s) had forged the signature of Lavalle's husband. She said the signature forgery was a very good one. The thief had discovered their account number and used a check number very close to the ones in current use. They have had no disagreements with former employees nor known burglaries, Lavalle said. They don't know the person the check was written to, and apparently endorsed by.

   The check for $3,850.65 was made out to a Ft. Lewis soldier. They have not done any recent business in the Tacoma area, Lavalle said.

   June 8: A 58-year-old woman, depressed over unhappy family relations, and complaining her "mind doesn't work anymore," told police officers she might as well kill herself. Her emotions ranged from anger to uncontrollable sobbing, officers said. She was taken to Evergreen Hospital on a voluntary commitment.