Northwest NEWS

June 14, 1999

Local News

George Brien

Alzheimer sufferer still lost

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The King County Sheriff's Search and Rescue squad called off their search for Alzheimer sufferer 73-year-old George Brien last Wednesday. The three-day search was conducted by King County trackers with dogs and a Boy Scout team of search and rescue volunteers. Brien has been missing since May 25.

   Dogs followed a scent as far north as 228th SE in Snohomish County, east of Echo Lake, according to Brien's daughter, Barbara Johnson. A tracker found footprints there matching Brien's cowboy boots, she said. That is over a mile north of where his car was discovered high-centered on a tree stump on a narrow, dead-end dirt road in a ravine on private property, near the 20400 block of 242nd Ave. NE.

   "We still have no report on his whereabouts," King County Sheriff's Office public information officer John Urquhart said on Friday.

   "I'm hoping someone took him in, but he doesn't have any picture ID, and he's not able to tell anyone who he is," said Johnson. "But he does have an insurance ID card with his name on it. I've put a lot of posters with his picture in every storefront I could find, including Duvall. In that remote area where he was lost, there are not a lot of stores to post his picture in. Deputy Dave Estep, who's in charge of the search, said he will take another team out on Saturday, if he can find enough qualified search and rescue volunteers. Someone said they might have seen him walking in the High Bridge area."

   The property owners saw tire tracks on the road and on their lawn, that looked like someone had tried to turn around, Johnson said.

   "They saw the tracks on June 1st," she said. "They called County maintenance to see if they had sent anyone out there to do any work, but the county said they hadn't. The owners didn't find the car until they walked down the road on June 6, because they were thinking of clearing some of their property."

   Johnson said she was unsure how her father got access to car keys, since he has no driver's license. He lives east of Clearview, in the Cathcart area. She said Brien's wife works fulltime, but had no previous problems with him wandering off alone.

   Anyone with any information on Brien is urged to call the King County Sheriff's Office at 206-296-3311.