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June 14, 1999

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Jacob Lund is Fall City Days logo design winner

   The 1999 Fall City Days Logo contest winner is Jacob Lund, a third grader at Fall City Elementary School.

   Jacob is the youngest of three logo design winners for Fall City Days. The Lund family has produced winning designs in 1996 with "tied flies," in 1997 with "heart of the valley," and now 1999 with Jake's "fish." This family of artists continues to create designs proven to be good sellers and popular with all ages.

   T-shirts, mugs, and hats are available for viewing or pre-sale at Fall City Cuts or at the Fall City Days Booth on June 19.

   As the 1999 winner, Jake will receive a pass to the rides, a free helicopter ride, a set of merchandise featuring his design, and a place of honor in the parade. Jake's teacher, Barb Van Overen, also will receive a free helicopter ride for taking the class time to do the logos as a project.