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June 14, 1999

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Beloved cow, calf defaced by vandals

defaced sculptures

Juvenile vandals attempted to ruin public enjoyment of Gary Vig's cow sculptures.
Staff photo by Marshall Haley.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--As-yet unidentified vandals marred a public art exhibit in Paul Waterman's field south of NE 145th on SR-202 sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning, June 5-6.

   The rusted-steel cow that has amused Woodinville residents and visitors for two years now sports graffiti allegedly trumpeting the virtues of Woodinville High School's class of 2000. The calf has "WHS" painted on its side and "IHS sucks" on its ... hindquarters.

   Woodinville High seniors Will Hallifax and Ian Toms have said they and many classmates would like to help creator Gary Vig clean up the mess.

   "We're hoping to clean it up somehow," said Hallifax. "I don't know if sanding will work, or what. Mrs. Puckett, our principal, had not been able to contact Gary Vig as of Friday. She said maybe we could paint over it as a temporary remedy."