Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


We really aren't that bad

   I recently read a letter in the Woodinville Weekly regarding the spray painting of the sculptures in the field by the Hollywood Schoolhouse. The cows were marked with the phrase "class of 2000." The writer claimed the community should be ashamed of the class of 2000, and the entire class should suffer the disdain of the community.

   I was amazed the letter writer could believe that one negative incident by a few should destroy a great reputation. I guess it is possible for a few bad decisions to ruin the good in the eyes of some people in this community. Whereas I found the spray painting disgusting, I do not take any blame for it. I didn't do it, and most of my fellow classmates didn't do it. I am more angry that some in our community will blame me and my classmates by our association to a recognized group. I find that attitude disgusting, if not downright dangerous.

   I suggest the letter writer and those who feel the same come to our school and take a constructive look and then make a judgement. Do your homework. God knows we do. We really aren't that bad, I promise.

Bret Butler, class of 2000, and proud of it