Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


Enforce existing gun control laws

   Guns: they do kill people, when they are in the hands of men and women who wish harm upon others. Gun control does not and will not stop this carnage, because it isn't the guns that are doing the harm. The people that choose to misuse this tool are the ones that are doing harm; not the guns.

   Firearms are tools, tools that are used throughout our country for the purpose of protecting lives. Guns are used by both the police and the military, but save many lives in the hands of common citizens also. With the increasing level of crime in our country it has become even more crucial for common citizens to be able to protect themselves and their families against the hooligans that roam our streets. The gun is and has been the tool that can do this job. Gun control will only hurt the citizen by taking away his or her protection.

   Criminals will possess guns no matter the laws. Gun control only limits the level of protection that the honest citizen may have.

   The citizen-legislated inability to protect themselves and their families diminishes their legal and moral right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The U.S. supports human rights such as these. In order to stop violent crime, laws that currently exist need to be enforced with an utmost level of proficiency.

   Keep the laws that already have been passed by the legislature, but actually enforce them. Putting force into the law will keep criminals worried about what will happen to them if they proceed in committing a felony (especially a violent crime). Currently, I believe that the judicial system that we call our own has too much slack, and needs to tighten its fists around crime.

Jordan Mayes, Bothell