Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


There ought to be a law

   The road from Woodinville to Monroe is reputed to be one of the most dangerous in the United States. Now challenging that record is the road going from Highway 522 east up the hill to the Woodinville-Duvall Rd. and beyond.

   Being an occasional driver on that road, I encountered three smash-ups in one week--all at traffic signals.

   On June 2, the parking lot at the Arco service station at 168th Ave. NE was the loading dock for one vehicle to be towed away--cause of accident unknown, but traffic going west backed up for miles.

   The other two: one on Monday, June 7th, and the other Tuesday, June 8th, were cars going east--one at NE 195th Street and 140th Ave. NE, and the other at Mack's corner, 168th Ave. NE and Woodinville-Duvall Rd. Standing alongside both of those smash-ups were young boys and girls (high school age). What a way to start a summer vacation, a career, or college.

   I can't imagine how many wrecks I have not encountered, or is it that the fates are trying to tell me, "Don't go shopping in Woodinville." My five-mile trek is now taking me much time and gasoline.

   Now, the good and the bad! I go to Snohomish occasionally using 168th Avenue NE, which becomes Bostonian Road, which meets up with the Paradise Lake Rd. To make a lefthand turn, I have had to wait and wait and wait, but once in a while, some kindhearted driver will allow me to go. This is usually a pick-up truck driver. In gratitude, I throw kisses at him.

   Several years ago, I wrote to the Snohomish County Road Department suggesting that a stop sign be put up for the westbound traffic, but received no answer. The Paradise Lake drivers jam that intersection, so school bus drivers trying to enter that road from the north and the Bostonian Rd. drivers cannot merge!

   Now my real gripe! The drivers coming behind me run through the Chevron gas station and jam their way into the westbound Paradise Lake traffic. There ought to be a law!

P.A. Banker, Woodinville