Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


Glider field is being threatened

   I'm sure that most of you have heard of 60 Acres. If you have, you know that it is a complex of soccer fields.

   What you might not know is the purpose of just one of these fields: 60 Acres South. This 20-acre field has multiple purposes, including rocket launching, horse riding, boomerangs, hot air balloons, dog walking, and (most important to me) flying activities.

   Currently, I am a member of the Seattle Area Soaring Society (SASS), which is located at 60 Acres South. This field is the only field I know of suitable for remote control glider flying. The launching system for an R/C glider requires a 700 foot length of level ground; quite a lot when you consider the availability of such distances.

   Now, it seems that the Northshore Soccer Association is trying to take over the field for soccer use. This would put an end to glider activities. Not only would it end my and my fellow club members' activities, but it would end many other activities, for the field would be dedicated to soccer only.

   For ten years, SASS has "adopted" 60 Acres South--mowing the field, installing thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and generally keeping the place neat. Now, when there are literally hundreds of soccer fields and only one field like 60 Acres South, there is a chance that we will lose this field to soccer.

   If you are interested in preserving the multi-purpose nature of 60 Acres South, please write to the King County Council and ask them to keep the field the way it is--open to everyone.

Loren Bench, Woodinville