Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


Animal classification needs to be changed

   I am writing in response to a letter from another reader in your paper, dated June 14. The letter was in regard to why horses are not considered pets. I share the same sentiment as the letter writer.

   I have lived on Mink Road for the last 12 years. During that time, I have seen many things regarding horses that I do not understand.

   The first thing I noticed was most of the horse owners do not even ride their horses. The time the owners spend with their horses is about ten minutes twice a day for feeding. The area that the horse is kept in is very small for an animal of that size. The poop is seldom picked up and disposed of, therefore creating a foul smell and attracting rodents. All of the above seems to constitute cruelty to animals--to me, anyway.

   The few owners that do ride do not care that they are leaving messes on other people's driveways and sides of our roads. I have seen horses with riders in Bear Creek polluting the water. In light of the salmon problems, I am surprised that the county does nothing to prevent this.

   A dog owner is subject to licensing and leash laws, as well as cleaning up the messes. The horse owners need to be responsible for their animals. The county should change the classification from domestic to pet for horses, thereby addressing these concerns and preventing future problems.

Rita Klumb, Woodinville