Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


The Bellingham inferno could happen here

   The Olympic Pipe Line Company is trying to extend the same pipeline that killed in Bellingham to pass by Bothell, Woodinville, and the Snoqualmie Pass on its way to Pasco. On its way, this extension would cross 300 rivers and streams, many containing threatened or endangered salmon, as well as 78 wetlands.

   Company representatives argue that the pipeline is a safer way of transportation than the alternatives. However, I would rather have a few more conventional spills than either catastrophic problems or dangers of undetected leaks (up to 75,000 gallons per day could leak undetected) with this proposed pipeline.

   Further, existing pipelines from Salt Lake City and Billings, Montana, have the capacity to supply Eastern Washington.

   If you wish to help fighting construction of this pipeline extension, contact: Susan Harper, executive director, Cascade Columbia Alliance, P.O. Box 2635, Seattle, WA 98111-2635. Telephone: (206) 728-1289. Fax: (206) 728-1563. E-mail:

Heather Poe, Woodinville