Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


Pipeline outrages writer

   I am outraged at the prospect of the proposed Cross Cascades Pipeline. Texaco and Arco currently operate an oil pipeline running from Ferndale down the I-5 corridor to Portland. That pipeline has already leaked 44 times, spilling over half a million gallons of oil into Washington land and waterways.

   Now Texaco and Arco want to build another pipeline through the heart of the Cascades, crossing national forests, three state parks, and over 300 lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Oil spills from this proposed pipeline would have a disastrous effect on some of our area's most beautiful places.

   In addition to the environmental hazards of this project, there is no economic need for the pipeline. The state attorney general's council for the environment determined that the proposed pipeline would double fuel spill risks in Washington without increasing supply or decreasing prices.

   Governor Locke has the power to reject this proposed pipeline, just as Governor Spellman did when a similar proposal crossed his desk in 1982. Right now, the oil industry is working hard to gain Locke's support for the project. We must get Governor Locke to oppose this project and formally reject their request to build the Cross Cascades Pipeline.

Rachel Long, Woodinville