Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999

Local News

Police Beat


   June 10: Three juveniles tried to steal eight cases of beer out of the back loading area of Albertson's in Woodinville. A man at the church next to the store called 911 to report what looked like suspicious activity. An officer arrested one of the boys at the scene; the other two were arrested later at their homes. The 17-year-old boys said they planned to sell the beer to Woodinville High School sophomores. They were arrested and charged with third-degree theft and minor in possession. One was also charged for providing liquor. They were all released to their parents' custody, and their cases forwarded to King County Juvenile Court.

   June 11: A 37-year-old Hispanic male from Bellevue was arrested at the AM-PM MiniMart at 131st NE and NE 175th for threatening to kill two clerks. The man came in, apparently drunk, and asked to buy some gas. The clerks said company policy would not allow them to sell gas to a driver who had been drinking. The man accepted that and tried to buy a bottle of beer. The clerks again refused, citing company policy. They offered to call the man a cab for a ride home. The customer became very angry. The clerks asked him to leave the store. He refused, saying he would kill them if he was sent to jail. They called police, who booked the man on a felony harassment charge.

   June 16: One "John Doe" was arrested at Frontier Bank in Woodinville after trying to draw a $3,000 cash advance on a Discover card. The man showed a Florida driver's license identifying him as "Jesus Gutierrez." The license picture matched the suspect's face and the name matched the Discover card. When the clerk ran the card through the machine, it alerted her to call Discover.

   Discover's Loss Prevention Officer, Mr. Allen, advised Frontier to detain "Doe," if possible, saying the card had been used to withdraw $100,000 from 17 transactions in Downing, CA. The bank manager called 911. Woodinville police arrested "Doe" minutes later. He first identified himself to police by the last name of "Wilson," later by "Wardle." Officers searched his possessions and found a boarding pass for an Alaska Airlines flight and a photocopy of a Chase Bank check belonging to Helen DiTore of Richmond Hill, NY. Officers said the check copy appeared to have been used to practice forging DiTore's signature.

   "Doe" was booked into King County Jail for felony forgery. Officers forwarded the information to the King County Sheriff's Fraud Unit and to the FBI.