Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999

Local News

Fireworks ban passes

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The City Council voted 5-1 to ban all fireworks sales and use within Woodinville's city limits. The ban will take effect before July 2000.

   The new ban tightens the former ordinance which banned all fireworks except Class C, or "safe and sane," fireworks. Under the new ordinance, any kind of fireworks, including sparklers and snakes, will not be allowed.

   "By banning fireworks, we make Woodinville a safer place," said councilmember Randy Ransom. "I believe the statistics that show definite declines in fires and personal injuries in cities where fireworks have been banned."

   Councilmember Marsha Engel said she wanted the meeting's minutes to formally record her "strong objection" to the ban. Mayor Don Brocha gave some historical perspective.

   "In the past, we voted about 50-50 on this issue. But in past years, we didn't have as much information as we have now. Those facts presented by other cities have played a decisive role in this decision."

   "The last time we voted, we also didn't have the City fireworks show at Ste. Michelle," added Ransom. That show is recognized as one of the finest displays on the Eastside."

   Brocha said that the fireworks display shows citizens "...we have given Woodinville something, in return for taking something away."