Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999

Local News

Magoo, the lovable Golden Retriever, dies after surgery

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   Magoo, the lovable Golden Retriever puppy whose impending blindness touched the hearts of donors from coast to coast, died of cardiac arrest last Friday while recovering from successful eye surgery.

   Woodinville dog trainer Becky Bishop had appealed to the public for help for the dog. The effort raised thousands of dollars for the surgery and had found Magoo an adoptive family in Bellevue to help the puppy through his difficulties.

   Bishop and Magoo's family, Bob and Suzanne Riley, were reportedly grief-stricken over the news. Bishop said she will contact all the people who donated money and will offer to return their donations or donate them to Hooterville Pets in Woodinville, on behalf of animals who might need surgeries.

   Magoo's story was run on CNN all day Wednesday, June 9, resulting in a flood of calls for donation and adoption offers from across the country.