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June 21, 1999

Local News

Regional partners reject $120 million interceptor

   A majority vote of the Regional Quality Committee (RWQC) opposed development of a massive sewage interceptor line from Kenmore to North Seattle. The King County Council is considering the 29,000 foot-long parallel pipeline as an addition to the King County Executive's Preferred Wastewater Service Plan (PWSP).

   King County Executive Ron Sims and Councilmember Larry Phillips, RWQC Chair, oppose the parallel interceptor, favoring the construction of a storage vault in Kenmore. That vault would hold overflow during severe storms and provide a safety net for the region if construction of a new sewage treatment plant were delayed past 2010. Engineering firms Brown & Caldwell, CH2M Hill, Kramer Chin Mayo, HDR, and Kato & Warren also support the storage vault option.

   The parallel to the current Kenmore interceptor is favored by King County councilmembers Maggi Fimia and Rob McKenna, who suggest the five-mile pipe could run under the north end of Lake Washington or along Burke-Gilman Trail, which runs along the north end of the lake. The pipe would store millions of gallons of raw sewage originating from the Kenmore/Lake Forest Park area.