Northwest NEWS

June 21, 1999


Shandorfs are "special folks" for children

van washing

Jerry and Mary Shandorf wash their van with help from Sorenson's Early Education staff.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   Jerry and Mary Shandorf are well-known and appreciated in the Northshore School District.

   For several years, they have volunteered their time, van, and gas to the Sorenson Early Childhood Education program and other Northshore schools. They provide their van for school events of all grade levels, such as field trips that Northshore doesn't have finances for, according to Peter Schott, Sorenson administrator.

   "People like Jerry and Mary Shandorf make this community very strong, and they do it all without asking anything in return. These are special folks," said Schott.

   Last year, the Puget Sound Education Service District honored the Shandorfs with their "Volunteers of the Year" award. When not giving selfless service to the community at large, the Shandorfs have busied themselves as foster parents for many special needs children.