Northwest NEWS

June 28, 1999



   The Sorenson site has been a primary focus of community interest since its inception. In the early 1980s, a vision for a community center on this property was drawn up in a document prepared by then-King County planner Craig Larson.

   When the Woodinville All Fool's Day Parade and the Basset Bash began, it was the natural place to end the parade and hold the Bash. When the Chamber of Commerce decided to have an office in the 1980s, it was where they wanted to be. When the City of Woodinville was incorporated, it was the logical place to house the city administration. When the Woodinville Farmers' Market was formed, it was the logical site.

   Through the years of visioning meetings, community group's appeals, and long discussions, it was always thought when the Northshore School District surplused this property that the Sorenson site would someday be a center for the community.

Sorenson Timeline