Northwest NEWS

June 28, 1999


Are we a rational society?

   In a rational society, maybe Jordan Mayes' letter (Opinion page, June 21, 1999) would make sense. But a society that says "no" to control of any gun is not a rational society.

   In a country that cherishes free speech, we have many rational controls on that speech for the protection of us all. You can't shout "fire" in a crowded theater. You can't slander another person, etc.

   In a country that cherishes free assembly, we have rational controls on large assemblies. We must get a permit to hold a parade.

   In a country that cherishes freedom of religion, we have separation of state and religion that keeps dominant religions from suppressing others' beliefs.

   In a country that cherishes private property rights, we have given up some of those rights to fight the "war on drugs." We now allow some private property to be taken for public use, without compensation.

   In a country that should cherish and protect its children, we keep getting irrational arguments that no more gun control laws are necessary other than the laws on the books that oh-so-obviously aren't working.

Pat Talbott, Woodinville