Northwest NEWS

June 28, 1999


Friends of Magoo

   It is with great regret and a deep sense of loss that I write this letter. Little Magoo, the 13-week-old Golden Retriever puppy that stole the hearts of so many, died of an anesthetic reaction shortly after his surgery.

   While the best sedations and anesthetics were used, some animals, just like people, can react to anesthetics. Unfortunately, there is no way to test for this prior to anesthesia. These reactions are extremely uncommon. However, Magoo was one of these patients.

   While we never fully understand why this precious life was taken from us, we can focus on the legacy Magoo left us. He lived each day of his short life to the fullest. His failing eyesight was only a minor hindrance in his life. When he fell down, he got right back up and charged ahead with excitement and expectation. Magoo drank up every bit of life that he could. Magoo's attitude toward life is a lesson to us all.

   Magoo taught us a lesson in community. Through this furry bundle of joy, we were able to put aside our social, economic, political, and religious differences to focus on a common goal. Magoo reminded us that our strength lies in our ability to work together, despite our differences, for a common good.

   Magoo also taught us a lesson in love. Magoo did not live based on people's standing or worth. He loved as a puppy loves--unconditionally and without favor. What a world we would live in if we remembered to accept one another and love each other as Magoo did!

   While the operation to restore Magoo's sight did not succeed, Magoo can now see. Perhaps Magoo was given to us to remind us of what life could be if we each became a little more like him. Perhaps his life was meant to show us what we could do if we were willing to lay aside our differences and work together. Perhaps Magoo was sent to teach us to open our hearts just a little wider. Whatever the reason, Magoo touched each one of us deeply.

   It is our desire to keep Magoo's memory and legacy alive. A permanent fund in Magoo's name will be set up to help other animals in need. The Eye Clinic for Animals has generously donated all the services performed. It is our hope that you would consider allowing your donation to be put into the Magoo Fund so that other animals like our precious Magoo can benefit from your love and generosity.

   If for any reason you do not want your donation to remain in The Magoo Medical Relief Fund, please let me know by e-mail, mail, or phone by July 5, 1999, and we will refund your donation. We will update you in the near future as to what puppies will benefit from The Magoo Fund. Thanks to all of you for the love and support you showed to Magoo, my family, and Magoo's adoptive family, Bob and Suzanne Riley.

Becky Bishop & Family
18916 194th Ave. NE
Woodinville, WA 98072-8868