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June 28, 1999



The Sorenson site

Sorenson siteThe Sorenson site has been a primary focus of community interest since its inception.

Letters to the Editor

There is a time and place for everything

rural lifestyleThere is a time and place for everything, and we all need to appreciate the necessity of accommodating all land uses, not just the ones we favor.

Horses are really just mulching lawnmowers

horsesI am a conscientious trail user and apologize to everyone in advance if they are truly and utterly offended by the mere sight of horse droppings.

Most horse owners are responsible

horse ownersI am responding to the letter complaining about horse owners. Please do not judge all horse owners by a few of your neighbors.

Are we a rational society?

gun controlA society that says "no" to control of any gun is not a rational society.

To Woodinville High School...

art vandalismAs our community has only one serious outdoor art display, why did you need to deface it, and why don't you clean up your mess?

Outrage on defacement

art vandalismAs an artist, I am outraged at the defacement of the cow and calf.

Friends of Magoo

Friends of MagooIt is with great regret and a deep sense of loss that I write this letter. Little Magoo, the 13-week-old Golden Retriever puppy that stole the hearts of so many, died of an anesthetic reaction shortly after his surgery.

A union worker's response

union workersI am a unionized worker at the Boeing company and I am insulted by the tone and content of a letter from Mike Sherstad.

Pop, hiss, bang!

pets & July 4thFourth of July is just around the corner. With more finely-tuned hearing and vision than humans, dogs and cats are terrified of the loud noises and flashes of light.

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