Northwest NEWS

July 5, 1999


Partners in Education greatly appreciated

   As a public school teacher, I am always reminded of the problems at our public schools. Winding down the year, I would like to speak to a non-profit organization that has proven to be a wonderful oasis in the desert.

   Partners in Education, headed by Rob and Sharon Jackson, has developed an organization that believes in teachers and the merits of public schools. Their first and foremost priority is the children of the Northshore School District. Their gifts are in the areas that directly enhance learning and a healthy school environment. This is done by providing programs that build on cooperation and teamwork. In addition, there are monies provided that directly influence children in all classrooms.

   The second area of generosity is in the area of building staff morale and affirming us as teachers. With this powerful belief, they provide monetary gifts that strengthen the classroom programs. I know I represent my colleagues at Hollywood Hill when I say in humble gratitude, my deep appreciation for your generosity and belief in us as educators.

   As we educators work to ready our classrooms for September, as well as taking classes this summer to benefit the children, I ponder how much richer our public schools system would be if there were more business partnerships or foundations interacting with the public schools. We need more foundations that put kids first, empower the very people who interact with children on a daily basis, and provide opportunities to have teamwork time and programs to richly support staff who are educating our children.

   Thank you, Partners in Education! Your efforts are very gratefully appreciated.

Kathie Colwell, Hollywood Hill Elementary