Northwest NEWS

July 5, 1999


Adolescent violence caused by home conditions, families

   Adolescent violence troubles us more today than it ever did before.

   I do not believe that the violence caused by adolescence is because of violent movies or because of violent video games. If that were true, we would have children jumping off cliffs or trying to fly.

   The reason I believe adolescents commit various crimes and are so violent is the way they were born and raised in their home. If children are raised thinking that violence is good, then as they grow older, they will continue to believe the same thing. I believe that having homes feel safer for children can prevent adolescent violence. If children are raised with no violence in their homes, I believe that they are more likely not to be violent in their own futures.

   The Colorado shooting gave me a different view than I used to have. I used to think movies and video games controlled adolescents' minds; now I know that I was wrong. I have spoken to a few kids at my school and they believe that how they grew up or their family life triggers violence.

Jennifer Walczak, Timbercrest Junior High