Northwest NEWS

July 5, 1999


Student exchanges lead to understanding

   So many times you turn on the television and see countries fighting because they do not understand and have a respect for each other's cultures. I believe that a way to help solve this problem is to have more student exchanges between countries.

   When people learn when they are young how to understand and respect other cultures and people, many of these disputes can be avoided. I believe there should be more opportunities for student exchanges because they are good for the student involved in the exchange, good for the family that hosts the exchange student, and good for the community.

   Many students become more aware of the different cultures and have a respect for them. They see the world in a new way, a way that makes them more patient and respectful of others. The families who host students also get a new perspective on the world. The families gain more patience and respect for other cultures and countries.

Joanne Crompton, Timbercrest Junior High