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July 5, 1999

Local News

Cows cleaned, graffiti gone

Cow & calf

The graffiti covering the cow and calf on Woodinville-Redmond Rd. has been removed, but the vandals have not been caught.
Staff photo by Marshall Haley.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The beloved Woodinville cow and calf have been cleansed of the unsightly graffiti, although those responsible for their desecration have yet to be named.

   Dick Baer, owner of Prime Equipment Sales and Rentals on Willows Road, spent most of Saturday removing the paint left by a few Woodinville High School students. Sculptor Gary Vig said he heard from a lot of good-willed locals with offers to help clean the mess.

   "I'm grateful to all those people," said Vig. "I accepted Dick Baer's offer because he seemed to have all the right equipment. He got out there and really worked on it, with a truck-mounted machine and a trailer water tank that looked like it held about 5,000 gallons. I'm sure that if anybody would add up the actual cost of the job he did, it would've been quite a lot of money."

   When asked if he was encouraged enough to go ahead with his plans to place the bull he's working on next to the cows, Vig said he wasn't sure yet.

   "Everybody at the school and the police know who did it, but none of the kids want to 'squeal,' I guess," he said. Without eyewitness corroboration, police cannot make an arrest.

   "It takes years to get that rust back; it doesn't happen overnight. The water-and-sand-blasting took some old finish off, and how do you replace that? But I'm happy with the job Dick did," Vig added.

   Although from the road the texture is visibly different, the color of the cleaned areas is similar to the rusted parts.