Northwest NEWS

July 12, 1999


People need to know more about Y2K

   A lot of people do not know about the Year 2000 problem because the information is very complicated and hard to follow. Most of this complicated information is in the articles on the Web, not in newspapers. This is where a lot of people search for the information about Y2K because it is easier to reach than searching through a newspaper.

   When talking to people in person, I found that only 10 percent of them were paying attention to the problem. I believe this is because of the lack of detail in some articles, most of which are not very exciting and make the reader not want to continue reading the article after the first couple of paragraphs.

   Also, many people thought Y2K meant the end of the world, and asked my opinion about it. I replied that information written by sane persons showed that we are actually on our way to completing the task at hand. The whole reason that people think of Y2K as the end of the world is the survivalists are more vocal about the whole thing. The companies are not really getting their say because they are too busy working on the problem.

   So basically, we should try to get the word out a little bit better. A little more media coverage wouldn't hurt at all. Many people don't have a clue, and if these people become informed, we can keep calm when the counter hits 2000.

Kevin Chase, Timbercrest Junior High School