Northwest NEWS

July 12, 1999


Letters to the Editor

Buying Sorenson property is best solution

Sorenson propertyFinally, at last! Someone from this community has come forth and questioned what kind of sanity prevails at city hall by planning to spend between $5-8 million to build a new city hall on the three acres behind the Sorenson complex.

Commute was brightened by cow and calf

cow and calfI'm just an average taxpayer whose daily commute to work is brightened by the cow and calf. It sure was disturbing to see this wonderful work of art defaced by our local high school.

Writer is concerned with the parts of the Draft Compact for King County cities

Draft CompactHaving observed and studied King County's regulatory processes for over 20 years, I'm very concerned with the push to designate aptly-named King County as the "lead entity" for the watershed.

This Fourth of July was the best ever

Carnation 4th of JulyI worked on the great Carnation 4th of July celebration committee this year. I've been on the committee in '96 and '97, working as the parade co-chair with Cheryl Taylor. This year, I believe the 4th of July celebration activities were the best ever.

People need to know more about Y2K

Y2K simplifiedA lot of people do not know about the Year 2000 problem because the information is very complicated and hard to follow. Most of this complicated information is in the articles on the Web, not in newspapers.

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