Northwest NEWS

July 12, 1999


Rhythms by The BumbleBees on Friday


   The BumbleBees, a "world beat Zydeco" band, will play three sets from 6 to 11 p.m. at the Balloon Glow on Friday, July 16. Their instrumentation is bass, mandolin, washboard, accordion, sax, drums, and harmonica. Borrowing liberally from African, Tex-Mex, polka, and jazz sounds, to name just a few, they will also feature a straitjacket escape, a fire-eating ac,t and the mind reading and fortune-telling skills of the BumbleBees' own master of the arcane arts, Professor Gris-gris. For more details, check out the BumbleBees' website at Balloon Glow admission is $7 per carload.