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July 12, 1999

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Volunteers honored at Rise and Shine Breakfast

Valley residents who were nominated for their volunteer work were honored June 8 at the Rise and Shine Breakfast at Remlinger Farms in Carnation.

   The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network sponsors the annual event to "Honor those who rise to the occasion and make the Valley shine." The Network Board has been charged by the state to work towards reducing youth and family problem behaviors. According to board members, strength lies in strong community volunteer involvement.

   At the event, award winning volunteers included: Evette Barry and Fred Lawrence (Snoqualmie Valley Youth Hub Track Program); Eric and Debra Boutin (Mentors, Snoqualmie Valley Mentoring Program); Lorraine Clark (Children's Services of Sno-Valley); Kathleen Miller (TAFT Youth Council (Teens Acting for Tomorrow)); Jesse Perrell (Children's Services of Sno-Valley and Snoqualmie Valley Youth Hub); Fritz Ribary (Co-founder and Chair, Youth Hub); Kerry Schuller (Healthy Start, Friends of Youth, Children's Services of Sno-Valley, Snoqualmie Valley Mentoring Program); Alan Tepper (Panther Pride Unicycle Team); and Emily Verbon (Upper Valley Youth Summit Organizing Team).

   Honorable Mention volunteers included: Mark Beier (Lower Valley Youth Programs, Boy Scouts); Nicole Canady and Jina Hong (Days of Respect, Cedarcrest H.S. organizers); Lynn Fallows (Snoqualmie Valley Youth Hub, Mt. Si H.S. student advisor); Kevin Fallows and Warren Sheldon (Snoqualmie Valley Youth Hub basketball coordinators); Erin Hart and Katelin Rempfer (Chief Kanim M.S. substance abuse prevention program); Suzanne Boyd, Tamber Van Patten, Kay Shanny, Jennifer Paige, Kris Wentworth, Tamra Obenauer (founders, Duvall indoor playground); and Lynn McCulley (Children's Services of Sno-Valley).