Northwest NEWS

July 19, 1999


Letter of appreciation to fire chief and staff

   On behalf of the City of Carnation, I wish to express our appreciation to Chief Rankin for the professional and safe handling of the recent fire recently in our community. Eastside Fire & Rescue and the adjoining fire agencies did a commendable job in preventing injury and further property damage to surrounding property and persons.

   Having personally driven by the building prior to your department's response, it was clear that this building and its contents were fully involved. I was very pleased with the quick response from your firefighters and the surrounding agencies to this fire.

   Our city staff worked well with Chief Soptich and yourself in assisting where we might be needed. Your staff stayed engaged in this effort for over 15 hours to see that all hazards were eliminated.

   We are pleased that the two businesses residing in this building have found other facilities within the city. We are working as a city to assist in their continued operation and permanent relocation. While we are sad that this landmark was destroyed, we cannot help but think what greater damage or tragedy may have resulted had not the professional support of Eastside Fire & Rescue been involved.

   Thanks for your service to our community. Please extend this thanks to your entire staff.

David H. Hunter, Carnation Mayor