Northwest NEWS

July 19, 1999


Kosovo hygiene pack update

   With help from The Duvall Church, the community, and students at Cedarcrest High School, the CHS Honor Society was able to collect over $300 and assemble 50 hygiene packs for Kosovo refugees.

   Because of the incredible response, there was extra soap, toothbrushes, and other hygiene products. The surplus items were donated to a local women's shelter which was in need of those supplies.

   The CHS Honor Society would like to thank the following businesses who let them place donation containers in their stores: C & C Espresso and Creamery, Charlie's Pizza, The Duvall Drugstore, Mainstreet Music, Coast to Coast, and Ixtapa. Special thanks to The Family Grocer, which gave students permission to collect supplies in front of their store. Thank you all for your generosity.

   We are happy to report that the project not only affected refugees in Kosovo, but also helped members of our own community. Thank you to all who responded to the project with compassion.

Kristin Oakes, Rachael Barksdale, and the CHS Honor Society