Northwest NEWS

July 19, 1999

Front Page

Beardslee solutions proposed

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   BOTHELL--Consultant Michael Stringam of Perteet Engineering has presented four viable solutions for Beardslee Boulevard congestion where it meets NE 195th at I-405. The results, taken from a June 12 public design workshop, were presented to the Bothell City Council at their July 6 meeting.

   "Alternative 1.b" would create a broad, four-way traffic light intersection involving traffic on northbound Beardslee, westbound NE 195th, the southbound offramp from I-405, and a 90-degree outlet road from a merged 112th Ave. NE with Ross Rd. Northbound Beardslee traffic entering the southbound I-405 onramp would have a free right-turn lane, as provided in the University of Washington-Bothell project.

   "Alternative 2.a" would create a wide Circular Roundabout intersection, without traffic signals. In this design, used most commonly in New England, all traffic would move through the intersection counter-clockwise, yielding to traffic on the right. All the above-mentioned roads would access the roundabout except Ross Rd., which would end in a cul-de-sac at its north end.

   "Alternative 2.b" would create an Oval Roundabout intersection similar to the Circular Roundabout, but allowing east-west traffic on NE 195th and Beardslee to flow more directly across the intersection. Ross Rd. would end in a cul-de-sac.

   "Alternative 3.b" would create a three-way intersection affecting traffic on Beardslee, NE 195th and the southbound I-405 offramp. This alternative would not involve widening the present intersection, but would end Ross Rd. further south, near the north edge of the new Hilton Hotel. That would allow a connector road for traffic from 112th NE to enter Beardslee via a traffic signal at the northeast corner of the Hilton complex.

   The study of the alternatives will be completed by April 2000. The City of Bothell's execution of any of the alternatives largely hinges on cooperation from the State Dept. of Transportation, which must okay any plans involving the I-405 access ramps, according to City of Bothell Community Planning Manager Bill Wiselogle.