Northwest NEWS

July 19, 1999


Local students honored for outstanding abilities

Students from the Woodinville area are among over 1,000 Washington 5th through 8th grade students who have been honored for their outstanding verbal and/or mathematical abilities.

   The students' academic skills were uncovered through the annual young students talent search conducted nationally by the Institute for the Acedemic Advancement of Youth at Johns Hopkins University and co-sponsored in Washington by the University of Washington's Halbert Robinson Center for the Study of Capable Youth.

   To be eligible for the awards, 5th and 6th grade students took the PLUS Academic abilities Assessment and scored in the top 30%. Seventh and eighth graders took the College Board's SAT Reasoning Test and has to score in the top 20%.

   Honored 5th graders are: Jared Brown, Bothell; Ian Bush, Bothell; Shannon Kane, Bothell; Andrew McCornack, Bothell; Steven Reeber, Bothell; Amy Cattle, Woodinville; Sean Gottschalk, Woodinville; Sydney Lewis, Woodinville; Gena Mendoza, Woodinville; Rohan Singh, Woodinville; Channing Verbeck, Woodinville; Drew Wilson, Woodinville; and James You, Woodinville.

   Honored 6th graders are: Donald Birch III, Bothell; Rebecca Corcoran, Bothell; Daniel Eichelsdoerfer, Bothell; Brad Goring, Bothell; Taylor Laflam, Bothell; and Daniel Sito, Woodinville.

   Honored 7th graders are: Tim Burke, Bothell; Jonathan Dethloff, Bothell; Nicholas Garneski, Bothell; Christopher Sarbora, Bothell, Sam Alkhoury, Duvall; Junwen Law, Duvall; Robert Schmitt, Duvall; Sean Hughes, Woodinville; Ashley Keilman, Woodinville; Christopher Shellooe, Woodinville; Shivani Srivastava, Woodinville; and Christopher Vanarsdale, Woodinville.

   Honored 8th graders are: Colin Bayer, Bothell; Francie Diep, Bothell; Joshua Mullan, Bothell; Michael Saldana, Bothell; Bryan Cattle, Woodinville; and Jessica Zbikowski, Woodinville.