Northwest NEWS

July 19, 1999

Valley Special

Duvall Police Log

   July 1: Early in the morning, police were called to a vehicle prowling complaint on First Ave. Police arrived but the suspect had left the scene. Officers, armed with a description of the suspect, started to canvass the surrounding neighborhood and were able to locate him. The juvenile was identified, placed into custody, and processed at the police station. He was later released to his parents.

   July 4: At about 4:45 p.m., police investigated a vandalism complaint at Cedarcrest High School. Some sports equipment and a wash bucket were taken out of an unlocked storage area. It appeared that fireworks subsequently demolished the bucket. Officers also discovered that someone gained access to the building and plugged the sinks and toilets with paper. The water was then turned on and filled a couple of rooms with about two inches of water, destroying the carpet.

   July 5: Just after midnight, officers responded to a residential burglary report on Second Ave. Officer arrived and determined that the missing items had not been stolen but were tied into a court-ordered civil action.

   July 9: At about 4:30 p.m., officers investigated the theft of a small boat from a residence on First Ave. The boat was seen at the house about noon when the homeowner left. It was gone when the homeowner returned at 4 p.m. The boat is a blue "flat bottom john boat" with California registration numbers. Anyone having any information about the boat should call Duvall Police at 788-1519.