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July 26, 1999

Local News

'Take It Easy, Bothell'

   In an innovative approach to traffic control throughout the community, and particularly the city's residential neighborhoods, the Bothell City Council formalized its support for the new "Take It Easy, Bothell" safe driving campaign on July 12 by authorizing start-up funds for the two-year pilot program.

   "The goal of this public outreach campaign is to encourage all of Bothell's drivers to take personal responsibility for slowing down and driving within the speed limit throughout the city," stated Assistant City Manager Manny Ocampo, the program's designer.

   The idea for the program came from a recent news article which described the frustrations of a Bothell resident in dealing with increased traffic and speeding in her neighborhood. She was quoted as saying, "Since I became much more aware of the nature of the traffic problem, I realized that, in terms of speeding, all of us, my neighbors and I included, were part of the problem. I've since made a conscious effort to slow down as I drive through town."

   According to Ocampo, a Bothell resident, the "Take It Easy, Bothell" program will encourage all residents of Bothell to follow this citizen's example.

   "We can all take positive and personal responsibility for contributing to traffic safety in our neighborhoods," Ocampo stated.

   The scope of this newly approved program includes a citywide marketing, promotion, and recognition campaign to urge Bothell residents to drive more slowly throughout the City. The project will provide a number of opportunities for individuals, business groups, community groups, and others to participate.

   For example, promotion and marketing elements could include bumper stickers, streetscape signage, window displays, and certification as a "Take It Easy Neighborhood."

   The council also authorized the formation of a citizens' committee to aid staff in developing the program. The target kick-off of the "Take It Easy, Bothell," program is September/October 1999, to coincide with the beginning of the school year.

   Citizens interested in being a part of this public awareness campaign may call Manny Ocampo, assistant city manager, at (425) 486-3256, for additional information.