Northwest NEWS

July 26, 1999

Local News

City Council chooses city hall plan

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The Woodinville City Council has unanimously adopted the Intermediate Civic Model design for a new city hall on the three acres bordering the south side of the Sorenson property. The Council also instructed City Manager Pete Rose to negotiate a design contract with Lewis Architects, which worked with city staff during the planning and research phase of the project to assess specific space and functionality needs of the various departments.

   The Council agreed with Mayor Don Brocha's assessment that the $5.25 million, 24,000-square-foot Intermediate Civic model would be the most fiscally responsible alternative. The planning phase estimates found that city staff would require 30,000 square feet by the year 2008. The Full Size Civic Model designed for 30,000 square feet would cost $6.298 million.

   "My personal choice is the more than one million dollars saved with the Intermediate model," said Brocha."The expected addition of 6,000 square feet in 2008 will cost more than it would today, but our tax-base should increase proportionally to construction cost increases."

   Ross Jamieson of Lewis concurred, saying construction increases would be negligible.

   Councilmember Bob Miller summarized Council sentiments concerning their choice of the Civic model over the cheaper Developer model, which would cost $4,500,000 for 22,500 square feet.

   "We need to set an example for the aesthetic values of future Woodinville development," said Miller. "We need a quality building that city employees will be proud to work in and that our citizens will want to visit. A wood and plaster building (like the Developer model) would not do that. For example, if someone sprayed graffiti on the building, we would need a facing that could withstand a power washing without disintegrating, like plaster would. We also need the better carpet of the Civic model. We wouldn't want to replace all the carpeting in three years."