Northwest NEWS

July 26, 1999

Front Page

Beach and new park appear in time for Sandblast

McCormick Park

Duvall business owners Sunny Ruthchild (left) and Houston Barclay, who spearheaded the drive to complete McCormick Park, take time out to enjoy it.
Staff photo by Lisa Allen.

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--It is a brand-new place to picnic and play, or just sit and marvel at the view.

   On a bluff overlooking the Snoqualmie River, clinging to the west edge of town, is an emerald-green jewel of a park, the culmination of efforts of dozens of volunteers who pitched in with hours of hand labor.

   The latest stage of McCormick Park was finished just last week, as city workers poured concrete for picnic benches just in time for summer and Sandblast '99. The area includes new stairs that replace the old narrow trail to the beach. Sand also appeared on the beach for the first time this year, ending concerns among Sandblast organizers over the high river condition.

   Sandblast creator Sunny Ruthchild credited Houston Barclay, a Duvall CPA, with organizing the volunteers who helped build the park.

   "Houston also did a great deal of work himself," she said. "It was a cooperative effort with the city. No one can really take credit for the whole thing ... we just focused on getting it done. With the shady trees, it really is a neat setting."

   She said the benches had been acquired as part of a grant and had been in storage for some time.

   Barclay said M&M Dozing of Woodinville contributed all the bulldozer work.

   "Perry Monroe of M&M Dozing went above and beyond what he needed to do," Barclay said. "It was nice he did it."

   Other volunteers who donated their time to build the park included: Hilarie Cash, Susan Burke, Don and Kathleen Williams, the Sassy Sisters, Nick Jorgenson, Bunny Cornwall, David Stowe, Jan Weekes, and some residents of Depot Village Mobile Home Park.