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July 26, 1999

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Lemonade stand benefits foundation

lemonade stand

(Left to right) Kristin Machotka, 11; Katie Machotka, 10; Alex Kircher, 11; Brooke Kircher, 10. Not pictured is Kimberly Wands, 9.

   Five Wellington Elementary students took advantage of the recent hot weather and set up a lemonade stand in their Woodinville Heights neighborhood.

   But instead of pocketing the proceeds for themselves, the girls are putting the money toward a good cause. The $70 they earned last week will be donated to help in the research and cure of Sudden Arythmia Death Syndrome (SADS).

   The group chose SADS for a very personal reason; their good friend, Katie, suffers from the syndrome. Although there is no cure at this point, Katie is treated with medication.

   Following vacation trips with their families, the girls will be back in business on Aug. 9.