Northwest NEWS

July 26, 1999

Front Page

Thomas W. Irby

Level-three sex offender released to Northshore

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   BOTHELL--Thomas W. Irby will move from Twin Rivers Correctional Facility in Monroe to the 12800 block of NE 199th St. in Bothell on July 26. Irby was convicted for the attempted rape of a female real estate agent in Bellevue in November 1990.

   Representatives of the Bothell and Woodinville police departments, King County Sheriff's Office, and State Dept. of Corrections will host a Community Information Meeting on Tuesday, July 27, 7-9 p.m. in the Woodinville High School gymnasium at 19819 136th Ave. NE. Anyone wanting more information about Mr. Irby's status is invited to attend.

   Bothell police warn citizens that attempts to threaten, intimidate, or harass registered sex offenders will not be tolerated. Irby has served the exceptional sentence imposed by the courts and is required to register with the King County sheriff's office. He is not wanted for any crimes.

   "Alerting the public about Mr. Irby's presence is not intended to increase fear--rather, it is our belief that an informed public is a safer public," said Bothell police officer Elmer Brown. "Sex offenders have always lived in our community, but it wasn't until passage of the Community Protection Act of 1990 (which mandates sex offender registration) that law enforcement even knew where sex offenders were living. In many cases, law enforcement is now able to share that information with you. Citizen abuse of this information could potentially end law enforcement's ability to do community notificaton. We believe the only person who wins if community notification ends is the sex offender, since sex offenders derive their power through secrecy."

   Irby is a white male, 38 years old, five feet eleven inches tall, weighs 200 pounds, and has black hair and blue eyes. His criminal convictions include making obscene and threatening phone calls, assault with a knife, and attempted rape. His victims have been adult women.

   In November of 1990, Irby entered an open house showing in Bellevue, struck the female agent several times in the face with his fists, and choked her until she lost consciousness. Fearing that he had killed her, he fled the scene.

   In January of 1985, he attacked a female employee in an office building where he worked as a security guard. He reportedly knocked the woman down a flight of stairs, but she was able to escape and notify police.

   Irby participated in sexual deviancy treatment and stress and anger management counseling at Twin Rivers. Based on his criminal history and formal risk assessments, he is considered a moderate to high risk to re-offend. His past targets were adult women, but the safety of minors in his vicinity cannot be predicted, said Bothell police.

   Irby is being released on community supervision. The length of his freedom depends on his adherence to several conditions which will be randomly monitored by officers from Bothell, Woodinville, King County, and the Dept. of Corrections.

   Those conditions include: having no contact with his victim; reporting to his community corrections officer as directed; not possessing illegal or controlled substances without written prescription of a licensed physician; not purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcoholic beverages; submitting to unannounced searches of his person, residence, and vehicle to verify compliance with those conditions.