Northwest NEWS

August 2, 1999


City, county employees care about community

   I recently participated in a "PTA Clean-up Day" at Cherry Valley Elementary in Duvall. Our goal that day was to prepare the playground for the painting of lines to make it more presentable and usable for the kids when they return following summer break.

   We had no idea of the magnitude of the clean-up project until that day when we were trying to hose away all the sand and dirt from the asphalt. Using garden hoses and a pressure washer, we'd still be there today if it weren't for the understanding and generosity of some public servants from the Fire District and city, specifically King County Fire District #45 (Duvall Fire Department) and the City of Duvall Utilities.

   The fire department allowed me to borrow 200 feet of fire hose, a nozzle, and hydrant equipment. Along with permission granted by the City Utility personnel, we were able to hook up to the nearby hydrant and hose the area off in a fraction of the time. We scooped up two full wheelbarrows of sand and grit, which for the most part, would have made the surface rather slippery for the kids.

   Understanding that they probably would not have allowed just anybody to borrow the equipment, as an off-duty firefighter, I likely had some advantage. Nevertheless, it makes for a real sense of community to know that there is genuine support for the children of this town from our city and county employees. They're not just there to collect a paycheck; they care.

Lt. Dean Harm, Bellevue Fire Department